Literally ‘from the mountains’, but the outline of the musical notes looks like a map of the mountains. Here is something complex, infused with interesting rhythmic shifts, full of energy and excitement. On the piano certain outer notes would be doubled at the octave, being a good way to amplify a quieter instrument.

Sabor Montuno Pattern

If you fancy bringing a taste of Cuba to your session, -and testing your fingering accuracy and rhythmic skills all at once, this is the riff. The piece that it fits with is called ‘Sabor’ – wild energy captured and expressed in music.

We need a vented D#/Eb and ‘long’ Bb (as it’s chromatic). Start very slowly with a metronome running, then take it up one little step at a time. Here’s a slow, metric piano version so that you can decode it.

Listen to the original of Joao Donato’s SABOR breathtaking energy!! There’s a piano break at 42′, which is what you’re working on here. If you can keep up with him, you deserve a medal: it’s tough.