Srinidhi 1 – Study

Srinidhi 1 Study
Srinidhi 1 Study

Here’s quite a tough challenge for you: it will test your patience. It’s all about accurately reading what’s in front of you – no guesswork. It’s really a fake duet for one person, so here’s the tune with the repeated notes removed. Get used to playing this with great tone and attack, then come back to the complete version……

srinidhi 1 helptune
The ‘tune’ skeleton of your piece

As always, start slowly… really slowly, and double check that everything is correct before upgrading the tempo.

There will be a few more challenges to come, all based on what you’ve done with this one. I’ll look forward to hearing an audio recording, then we’ll talk about the results. Good luck.

Here’s Srinidhi’s star turn – definitely a ‘pass’. This was a tough test for your standard and you’ve done a great job with it. Your upgrade to this one would come with the development of a more edgy tone to bring out the tune notes, so do come back to this in due course. Well done.