Sophia M1 – Study

Don’t scream……… – this is actually possible and easier than you think.

sophia (m)1 - study
Sophia M’s 1st Study

What we’re trying to get away from is the ‘prison’ of being slowed up by ‘reading’ the notes. Instead, register what your first note of each phrase is, then all the other steps are adjacent notes. Also, to build your tone, use long slurs.

If you want to get the effect that I’m after, the main reason that the piece was invented, you must spend some time in front of the mirror looking at what the fingers are doing. You need to see streamlined ‘professional’ fingers hovering close above the keys, ready to pounce. Then, when you play your [joined] flows of notes, there is minimal movement.

Your first instinct will be that this is impossible. Listen to the triplet rhythm then you won’t even have to interpret the dots but play by feel. If you can pull this one off, there must surely be some sort of medal somewhere for your efforts. Best of luck. This is mind over matter rather than endless hours of note bashing.