Mini Studies F major

As always in technique, studies, scales, etc.,…. correct fingerings please.

  • Diaphragm work first rather than T T T T.
  • Make sure it’s 7/8 not 4/4.
  • Baroque trill in bar 3, starts with heavy grace note and is stylish.
  • Throw away the last bar with light ease.
Mini Study F maj 01
  • Practise the ‘tune’ first.
  • Then work on the in-betweens.
  • Make sure to have good tone (in bar 1) on the low / tune note and the three quavers in the octave above.
Mini Study F maj 02
  • Fingers always thinking a millisecond ahead in these legato passages.
  • Flex the timing to bring out the important notes and turn this into real music.
Mini Study F maj 03
  • Diaphragm work again – we want to hear pure tones, musical.
  • Put little surges into the three rising phrases in last two bars.
Mini Study F maj 04