Jaeden 1 – Study

jaeden 1 - study
Jeaden’s First Bespoke Study!

This is for the Agent Jaeden Show, a detective thriller theme tune.

jaeden 1b - study
Jaeden’s Upgraded First Study

Here’s the ‘upgraded’ version: there’s a little flourish added at the end. When you’ve mastered the first one, see if you can add the little extra. The piece really ends at the end of bar 7, so this can be played as you like…..-and you can add the ‘Yeah’ if you feel like you’ve smashed it!

You make the most amazing low octave sound, so really let rip with this one and enjoy it. The test is not really notes, but more about style. Good luck.

penta A 1
Pentatonic Minor on A, 1 octave

PS Have a look at the notes above. Pentatonic (5 note) is supposed to be a scale, but it’s more like an arpeggio: maybe somewhere in-between.