Ezri 1 – Study

ezri 1 study
Ezri’s Coldplay Study

There’s a story to this one………. Early on, when Ezri first came for lessons, he set me a challenge to complete for the next week! It was to try to figure out this Coldplay riff from ‘Adventure of a lifetime’. Well, I did that, notated it, then turned the challenge back on him. I didn’t expect that a 9yr old (?) would come back with the task well and truly completed, but he did.

So, -and with all day to practise this, here’s an extension to that riff. For anyone else who fancies having a go, I have to warn you that this one doesn’t fit the flute very well (all that fast-moving D/E stuff) so it will increase your superpowers. Be correct in your fingerings. Certainly worked for someone we know…