Chloe (2) French Dream

Georges Seurat, 1859 – 1891 Bathers at Asnières 1884 Oil on canvas, 201 x 300 cm Bought, Courtauld Fund, 1924 NG3908

It’s a summer Sunday on the banks of the Seine, opposite La Grande Jatte, -very hot, nobody moving fast. Here’s what you play to the people on the river bank…..

Last time you were listening and writing down notes. This time it’s back to playing notes, but there are only four of them, – G, A, B, C: your left-hand notes. So here’s a proper piece with accompaniment for you to play around with.

We previously did stuff around note ‘G’, and this is no different, except there are a few more lines which you can ignore. First note is ‘C’, so get that ready, then………. DON’T try to ‘read’ the notes. In the first 4 bars the notes move by step, so you just have to decide if each next step is going down or up from where you are. Try that without actually reading.

Chloe’s French Dream