Chloe (1) Various tests

Below is the bit that unlocks everything for you….. -how the musical lines link up with the piano and with your flute. So, we’ll only have one line for starters – the most important one.

That swirly thing, the ‘treble clef’ (French ‘clef’ = ‘key’, as in door key), circles one of the lines (the only one in this case) and tells you that “this is G”. From that you can work out the others.

Explanation of ‘G’, from piano to defining the G line

So let’s do this backwards. I am going to play some short musical phrases for you. Your job is to ‘decode’ these and write them down on the one-line stave. There’s no particular timing involved, but you could write a black blob for usual single notes, then a hollow blob for longer ones. I’ll send a PDF sheet, or you can grab the image below and make your own page of blanks on which to write.

The notes will only be F, G and A. G is and note on that line, F is in the space below, A is the space above……..

Run the video a few times so that you really understand it, then go on to the (audio) exercises….

Here are ten exercises with three notes. This should help you to make more sense of the music you play. Also, you could even compose your own little tunes (three notes only for now)…….

If you want some further fun, have a look at Amy’s page for some fun with chocolate biscuits. Good luck.