Assault Course 1

assault 1
Assault Course 1

Try the is a variety of ways. The aim is to play neatly, easily, fingers close to keys, great tone and musicality throughout. It’s left unmarked so that you can try different approaches to build various aspects.

Set a metronome to a low quaver (eighth note) speed and see if you can get through without major slips. Maybe you’ll have to take the tempo down considerably? If you avoid building mistakes into this, even if it sounds boring, you’ll sound flashy later (and the fingers will look and feel assured, rather than banging around on the keys.

In order to play fast, rehearse slowly and carefully.

Try the articulated version, but with gentle attacks that rely on diaphragm breathing rather than hammering each note with a great ‘T’. This way, the music will sound pleasant to the listener rather than being an assault on the senses. Keep fingers close to the keys with minimal movement.

Try the legato version, watching out for ‘double actions’ that will make your piece sound amateur. Bar 2 is particularly hard in this respect. Legato (slurred) fingerings will show up any poor finger work, but that’s good as you’ll fix it and be a better player.

Good luck! Try it in one breath when expert.