Amy (1) – Exercises

Amy1 - ex
Amy’s First Reading Test – ‘Digestive 1’

Amy, here’s your first test outside the book, but it’s a tasty exercise……..

There are only 2 notes, G & A. The G biscuits are sitting on the blue ribbon which, you might notice, comes from that squiggly ‘treble clef’ thing. The clef is basically saying “this line is G’ so that you can work out where you are. The space above this is ‘A’. This is a true reading test, but you won’t have to think too hard. There can only be ‘G’ or something else, -‘A’.

As you’re playing on the beautiful new TOOT I’ll dust off my old fife and see if we can match up sounds and notes……….

If you liked that, then try all of these…….

Amy2 - ex
Amy’s Second Test – Chocolate Crisis

Amy3 - ex
Amy’s Third Helping – Patrick’s Party
Amy4 - ex
Amy’s Fourth! Digestivo Chocolatto Vivace