F major exercises

Bb’s!! This is mostly about using your ‘chromatic’ or ‘long Bb’ fingering, not the thumb version. We need to be technically correct and able first, then we have the ‘trick’ or easy Bb as a treat rather than a necessity. Here we go…..

Fmj ex3
Double actions!

Ouch! So much easier to make gaps between notes to cover up the faults, but the reward for dealing with this now will pay off all the way to Gr8 and beyond.

BELOW – There are two aspects to the one below, -joining the tones and joining the fingerings smoothly. If the fingerings don’t change crisply you have no chance of bridging the tones in a fluid way. If you look at it in detail, your fingers almost need to move a millisecond ahead of when you think they should.

Fmj ex4
Arpeggio and scale, legato

BELOW – Look at these semiquavers (eighth notes). They require free fingers, relaxed fingers, in order to work. Put some serious force into the ‘tune’ notes and start to turn this into real music. It might be short, but needs passion, drama, energy. Watch out for fingers beginning to get stiff as you drive the tone hard: try to unlink these aspects.

Fmj ex5
Swift, light fingers, strong tune

BELOW – Nice and easy, or is it? Add some musical flow, keep the fingers relaxed…. magic!

Fmj ex6
Slurs, 3’s