D minor scale

This one’s perfect for the flute: doesn’t go too high nor too low. The harmonic scale (i.e. as used in writing harmony) is first – same up and down. Proper Bb’s, no tricks. Watch out for the C# being dreadfully sharp, which is probably due to wrong position of the lower lip against the lip plate (blowing across a totally exposed chimney).

Dmin harmonic scale

D minor ‘melodic’ (i.e. as used for writing melodies…. but not always). Everything changes as you turn to come back from top D, and you’ll be playing your relative major scale of Fmaj all the way down. Knowing this is a real time saver.

Dmin melodic scale

Here’s the arpeggio: beautifully easy. So, with that in mind, there’s also a sequenced version to get your fingers and brain going.

Dmin arpeggio
Dmin arpeggio sequenced