C Pentatonic

C penta
C Pentatonic

Very useful for jazz, and worth knowing anyway. Pentatonic seems to be found all over the world, and many pop and folk tunes are based on these notes.

C Penta 3's
C Penta sequenced in 3’s

In order to be really useful in improvising, start working on these 3’s. It fills many a gap and sounds great.

C Penta 4's
C Penta sequenced in 4’s

This is getting really juicy! Sequenced in 4’s! Impress your friends.

I haven’t marked all the L’s, but please be diligent with the correct fingering for ‘E’.

C Penta 5's
C Penta sequenced in 5’s

This is for the truly daring – 5’s. Don’t let your fingers get sloppy: keep it neat and tidy as you’ll be building speed and accuracy. A great investment which will boost your classical playing too.