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Thank You
Done in style!

I’m lucky enough to teach some amazing young people: it’s a privilege. The reward is to see progress and personal achievement (and hear some gorgeous music). What do you think of this stunning ‘thank you’ card? A multi-talented and very hard working 12yr old created this beauty. Thank you! (NB the tiny flute even has all the correct keys!!!)

New Exam Music

new exams 2022
New Exam Books

The new set of exam books are here and very interesting indeed. If you’re thinking of buying one, make sure that it’s titled ‘exam pack’ (for Gr1-5) so that it has the scales, otherwise you’ll then have to buy a scale book.

125 Easy………

125 Easy Classical Studies

A long overdue project, -doing some online support for the much-used 125 Easy Classical Studies. This book has taken so many pupils forward over the years. The range of material, the array of techniques and styles covered, the visible progress. Work begins today.

Composition Challenge

Georges Seurat, 1859 – 1891 Bathers at Asnières 1884 Oil on canvas, 201 x 300 cm Bought, Courtauld Fund, 1924 NG3908

For a beginner book you need to write a ‘real’ piece of music, but only using four notes in the left hand. Some imagination in the accompaniment is required to carry the flute line along. A hint of the French impressionists and Durufle. See if it worked in French Dream, based on this picture in the National Gallery, London.

Hank Marvin!

Hank Marvin playing ‘Apache’

A marvellous BBC documentary about ‘The Shadows at Sixty‘…. -with some timely commentary from Brian May (Queen) about Hank’s Apache melody: – “He doesn’t just play notes. Every note has a beauty of its own. Every note starts in the right way, continues in the right way (with a certain amount of vibrato from his whammy bar or whatever) and ends in the right way.”

That’s what we’re aiming to do. We’re not just playing notes in the right order: every little element has an impact on the overall expression.

Advanced Stuff…

William Bennett books – a great education

Here’s some advanced, detailed stuff, but it will make a difference to what you’re doing. When I was a music student, William Bennett was the idol, the man with the magic sound. So, if you want good advice, who better?

Roderick Seed’s superb book, for those who can’t fix up a session with Wibb, gives you the essentials.

Edward Blakeman’s book lifts the lid on the fascinating life of a genius.