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Simply Flute

Paul Edmund-Davies 28 Days
Paul Edmund-Davies’ superb book – always on the stand

Every fluting day starts with work on this book: it is unbeatable. Although there’s nothing new in flute (with regard to the daily, basic challenges), there are refreshing new angles on everything. What I particularly like are the exercises that work the fingers hard in both directions. Your fingers are geared to grabbing and gripping, so work strongly that way. Pulling the fingers off the keys nimbly and accurately tends to not be so good. Also, instead of buying a tone book, then a technique manual (many of them being expensive French editions), etc., everything is here in the one place. A definite ‘must buy’ for the aspiring player.

The 28 Day Warm Up Book

Simply Flute
Simply Flute website

While you’re in the mood, why not look up Paul’s superb website where, for a small monthly fee, you can lose yourself in seemingly unlimited studies with pages of helpful exercises and plenty of video help. There’s free stuff too, so check it out. Paul was first flute in the London Symphony Orchestra for 20yrs, -and you can hear him in numerous film scores, so this all comes from one of the greatest players and teachers around.

Simply Flute

Valiant service

old murumatsu
After decades of service…..

Back in an age long, long ago I was put in touch with clarinettist Steve Trier, whose daughter was selling this flute. I made the trip from Cambridge down to London and was welcomed into his beautiful home, tried the flute, loved it, and sealed the deal. It’s been with me ever since.

Despite a £450 rebuild a few years back, it just wasn’t up to scratch. Then, when a [new] spring snapped and the flute died, there was a sharp reminder that not only was a better flute required, but a worthy second flute was needed too. You can’t go on tour without a backup.

Sad to see the old work tool go into retirement. At the last count it was worth about £10,000 to replace, but actually worth next to nothing for resale. It has done many miles, many concerts, gigs, recordings and teaching sessions. Time for a rest.

Muramatsu Flute

2 weeks ago….

Teaching assistants
Two best teaching assistants

Well, there’s usually some testing music on the stand, but this was daytime teaching 2wks ago: happy memories. All history now, at least for the time being.


Mi-Flamenco’s ‘Echoes’

What a shame! Tour delayed, along with everything else in the entertainment world. Was due to play with Mi-Flamenco in Shrewsbury, Exeter, New Forest, Fareham and Maidenhead. An exciting project with authentic Flamenco.

Haynes Flute (1)


After several years of searching, how lucky to finally find this beauty among the used flutes at Just Flutes! It’s a Haynes Custom Solid Silver flute and is something special – just what was required. Resonance and projection are extraordinary. For those who like the ‘technicals’, it has a low-B compass and a split-E (underslung) mechanism. Feels like a racing car with its crisp-response, inline keywork. Worth waiting for.

The big push to solve this came from being booked for the Mi-Flamenco ‘Echoes’ tour………

The Start!

After having no spare time to do projects like this, the dreaded virus lock-down has provided unlimited scope for getting started. This is with the additional incentive that weekly ‘real world’ pupils need ongoing motivation and guidance, so here we go……….