Universal Edition UE 16042 £13.99

The 125 Easy Classical Studies is a fantastic resource and a great investment. With this book you can forward, build your reading ability, learn new tricks, experience many styles, look at interpretation. It is pure musical gold.

Every teacher works in a different way. Mine is to get pupils started on this volume immediately after completing the Trevor Wye Beginner’s Book, setting 2-3 of the early studies each and every week. The aim is not to perfect the music, but to “get the idea” that the composer is putting in front of you, to talk about what’s required and then get to grips with the challenge. Generally we move ahead, even if the study isn’t fully finished. Sometimes a second week is warranted, but not often. This builds momentum, maintains interest and boosts sight reading. We certainly don’t get into the hopeless loop of being stuck on a piece for months trying to perfect it. Well informed players emerge from this process.